The Camí de Cavalls (‘Bridle way’) is a historical trail that dates back to the end of the Middle Ages. It was originally employed to patrol and protect the coast by horse, but now it offers us the opportunity to discover the most beautiful spots of this island recently declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Although it lay in disuse for a while, the commitment of Menorcan society has ensured that since 2010 it is fully passable again.

The Camí de Cavalls of  Menorca, recognized as the GR route (‘Long distance trail’) GR-223, is a footpath that borders the island for 185 km, mainly along its coast, although sometimes it goes into the shrub-or woodlands of the interior of the island to avoid ravines and other natural obstacles.

It is suitable for hiking, cycling (mountain biking) and horse riding. It is very clearly signposted by wooden posts bearing the characteristic white and red symbol and there are excellent information boards along the entire route.

The Camí de Cavalls represents much more than just a footpath since it is the result of the struggle of the islanders who, with their impetus, managed to convince politicians that the route was part of the collective heritage of Menorcan society, and should therefore be open to everyone.

Over the past decade, the trail has become an authentic tourist attraction in Menorca and, in addition, all kinds of sporting events are held along the route throughout the year.

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